Betico Loop will be held virtually


IBiSA, police, and DVG, complying with all sports rules, announced a virtual run, emphasizing movement and physical activity. Will Erasmus is counting on the community’s cooperation to abide by the rules and that this activity can serve as an example to every other physical activity.

The event is free, and only 500 people could participate. It’s important to mention that not every participant will run simultaneously, and certain areas will be assigned for this event. The event will be held for a couple of days. Erasmus mentioned that they would strict with protocols. 

A few of the rules are:

A mouth mask is not mandatory when running, but if there are more people around you, maintain a 1.5M distance a wear a mouth mask. Do not touch your face, cough in your elbow, and call the doctor and stay home if you are feeling sick. It is not recommended to go out and run. 

Do not give each other handshakes nor fist bump.

It is not permitted to have water posts during the run, and everyone is responsible for their water. The gathering of people is not allowed before nor after the race. 

If you want to receive a medal at the end, it is important to comply with all the rules and protocols. Must choose an area you wish to run when registering for the race.

Sign-up at and email [email protected] if you have any questions or opinions about the race.