Covid-19-positive-tourist violated isolation order


Two U.S. tourists arrived in Aruba, tested, and at least one of them tested positive. They were instructed to go in mandatory isolation to avoid spreading the virus. They ignored DVG’s orders and went for a ride.

They rented a car and went grocery shopping. When DVG stopped by where they were staying, no one was there. They notified police, who dispatched different units to find the rental car.

Around 1:00 pm, the car was located on L.G  Smith Boulevard near Citgo Boulevard. They were pulled over in the parking lot of the gasoline station.

DVG was notified immediately, and they sent a tour bus to pick-up both men to take them back to where they are staying. 

Police informed the men of the consequences if they violated the isolation order once again. The car was left in the parking lot.

Now you can see how easy it is to get infected with the virus. An infected man walked into a supermarket with no care in the world about the consequences this could have on the workers. Maybe it’s an idea for DVG to investigate the risk of someone being infected by this man.