Parliament informed about the Governments action plan


Yesterday from 3:00 pm, the Government was present in Parliament for a public meeting to give information about the Execution Agenda of the reform packages. Parliamentarians of MEP, AVP, and POR gave statements on how the meeting went, where different questions were asked regarding the Country Package (Landspakket).

For Edgard Vrolijk, Parliamentarian of MEP, this meeting was necessary because no one knew how things were going. What we know is that they signed and accepted certain help from the Netherlands but under certain conditions. 

The Government was in Parliament to inform the people what they have been doing regarding the Execution Agenda. He believes that this is how it must be done when talking about something relatively new for everyone. It is necessary to inform the people about what to expect to avoid any misinterpretations. 

Richard Arends, Parliamentarian of AVP, also reacted to yesterday’s meeting with the Government to receive information about the reform packages’ execution agenda, which is under the supervision and assisted by COHO. The content of the measures and action plans were already known, but now we got to know about the dates and deadlines that the Government has to hand in the action plans, strategy, and an implementation plan for the different measures. There are forty-six (46) measures and action plans that cover eight areas of management. This does not count only for public finance but also for education, care, justice, economy, and labor. 

The Government gave Parliament an explanation about the fiscal reform, known as the condition package. According to Alan Howell fo POR, these conditions presented by the Netherlands are not what this country wished for. He expressed that by going through these conditions, it became clear that most of them will help Aruba. It could help fix things that in the past must have been attended to. POR was always critical because the conditions will cause a lot of pain to the people. One example is the topic of cutting 5 million in care, which is unacceptable for our fraction