Covid-19 infected tourist transported with air ambulance


Yesterday afternoon a private plane left with two passengers, both above 70 years of age and wearing special clothes against Covid-19 to Fort Lauderdale. They were stuck on the island for a few days, one in isolation and the other was in quarantine. Their insurance covered an air ambulance flight to transport them back home because no commercial airline would take that risk. 

The aircraft left Fort Lauderdale to Aruba around 12:25. In the meanwhile, both passengers were prepared by authorities to be able to board the flight once it arrived. By 4:38 pm the plane left for Fort Lauderdale. 

Although it was an Air Ambulance Flight, both passengers flew by sitting. Both passengers and the crew members wore special clothes.

Many tourists have additional insurance, and some of them cover these kinds of special flights to take the client back home. Airlines are getting more strict, and infected passengers are not allowed to board a plane. Without insurance, you must stay in Aruba until you test two times negative.