RAIZ with Crowdfunding campaign


Every Friday, political party Raiz holds their press conference. This time the emphasis was on the traditional way of financing political campaigns. 

Ursell Arends, the party leader, mentioned that the party is distancing itself from the traditional way of financing political campaigns by starting crowdfunding, where donations are collected in small amounts to fund their campaign for the 2021 Election. 

Since the beginning of the party, in their statute, in article 4, it is stated that they would finance their campaign through Crowdfunding. Ursell Arends spoke about the law relating to the financing of political parties. He believes that gaps could allow small groups to buy influence from the traditional parties. 

During the press conference, Mr. Arends mentioned that anyone could visit their website  raiz.com and contribute by way of a bank transfer, for the sum of 5 up to 1200 florins. It is also regulated in their statute that they are allowed to receive only 1200 from one company or person per year. 

For more details and information, read today’s edition of Trempan.