Rocco Tjon (MEP): Productive meeting with SIWA


Together with MEP colleague Endy Croes, we met with Mr. Hneriquez and Mr. Maduro from labor union SIWA. 

Meeting with SIWA

We exchanged thoughts on different topics. Amongst other things, we gave an extensive explanation about the process regarding the LNG project. Apart from the process, we also gave SIWA an extensive explanation about the team of experts who advised the Government and RDA regarding the REOI. 

We look back to a very positive meeting where the benefits and the added value of this project for Aruba were emphasized. We will remain in contact so both SIWA and us would remain well informed. 

Added-value of the project

We are talking about a project that would create about 150 jobs and an investment of more than 150 million dollars. When talking to people in business, they explain that their biggest challenge is water and electricity price, making operations costly. So if this investment in our economy creates jobs and at the same time lowers the cost of water and electricity, it would be a significant added value for Aruba. And, Aruba would become much more attractive to investors. 

To conclude

This project includes the construction of a gas plant, tanks, and a bunker station.  It would also mean that LNG would be exported to our region, creating income for Aruba. And if the reopening of our refinery becomes a reality, it will be operated on gas.