Vaccination started for 60+ group


Vaccination for 60+ group has started and at Theresita Center in San Nicolas. This group is very important because the average age of those admitted to the hospital for medical attention is 63. This is what Prime Minister Evelyn Wever Croes said during the press conference.

The Prime Minister started with a recap of the situation in Aruba.

“Today, we are starting with the group that is very important in fighting the coronavirus crisis, which is the 60+ group. This is the group we want to protect.” The group that Covid-19 hit the hardest is the 60+.

Of those who passed away in Aruba due to Covid-19, most of them suffered from heart and kidney problems, blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes. “That is why today is very important, to avoid this vulnerable group ending up in the hospital.”

Before that, she explained that they initiated with those working in health care to continue with other vulnerable groups.

Once the vulnerable group is protected, we could start looking at making the measures more flexible. “COVID hit us hard. Large numbers of people depend on food packages, 1 in every 5 citizens. Last year, more than 11 thousand used FASE, and another 20 thousand people depend on salary subsidy”, the Prime Minister said.

The urgency to start recovering our economy is enormous. Vaccination is the first step. It is possible to register through the APP or at any of the MFA. Especially those who are 60 and up and those suffering the diseases already mentioned. If there is any doubt, please call your doctor. “We want Aruba from the past back.”