Trempan: Aruba’s newest digital newspaper


It shouldn’t be a surprise that with the growth of, next to technological and digital developments, the emergence of a digital newspaper was the next logical step. Headlines Group, the editorial house of, believes in diversification and more usage of the news content they produce daily. It isn’t a secret that this news agency produces more content than any other traditional communication media on the island. The company has more than 30 colleagues who are dynamic, enthusiastic in making sure that there is brand new content every day. 

Headlines Group’s story is dated back to the launch of the news website on March 28, 2007, founded by our director, Mark-Benson Denz. The idea was born during his years as a student in the Netherlands, and he wanted to make local news accessible to other students who aren’t able to buy the local newspapers. That idea developed, and after 13 years, it is the largest media company in Aruba, not only in the number of employees but also in the number of content and, thank God, in the number of sales. 

An idea long time in the making

The idea to develop a newspaper came up a few years back. They noticed how many different stories the news agency was producing daily, from incidents and interviews to cases where the people complained about something. This amount was enough to fill two newspapers, but circumstances always stood in the way of realizing this idea. 

This year, in the middle of a pandemic, the idea came up again, but it became a priority this time. For weeks, they had been working hard on the concept, website design, and designing the newspaper’s layout. One thing was clear, it had to be bigger than any other newspaper, with more pages and contents. This is the only way to reach closer to the market we are looking for, those who want to read more and better news content, next to a variation of content to choose from. 

Investigating the market

While investigating the market, it turned out that most people prefer a digital newspaper versus a traditional printed paper. Nowadays, people want to read what they want, when they want, where they want, and how much they want, but from their mobile phones, computers, or tablets. With this information, we decided to come with a digital newspaper capable of complying with the majority of the community’s demand. 

Bonbini na TREMPAN…noticia den bo plant'i man. Inscribi awo pa ricibi bo edicion gratis tur mainta trempan via e-mail

Bonbini na TREMPAN…noticia den bo plant'i man. Inscribi awo pa ricibi bo edicion gratis tur mainta trempan via e-mail

Posted by Trempan on Sunday, January 17, 2021

The difference in digital newspaper

A digital newspaper has a lot of options that we do not know up to this day. ‘Trempan’ is a newspaper that has videos, animation, and is interactive. A completely new dimension to the traditional way of informing and presenting news to the community. It is almost a television, radio, and newspaper integrated into a digital and modern product. 

Big investment

To pull off this project, Headlines Group made a large investment, not only in modern equipment but also by enlarging our team of reporters, editors, and graphic designers to present high-quality products and rich in information to help educate and form our community. 

Difference between and ‘Trempan

Will it compete with the website? Maybe yes, and perhaps not. One thing is for sure, the newspaper will complement the website. Headlines Group will maintain as is, which is the first in the news, with a live broadcast from the sites and with a sensationalist touch. The information in ‘Trempan’ will be presented differently, with more analysis and details of incidents. As of now, will inform you first, but ‘Trempan’ will complete the story tomorrow. 

‘Trempan’ will offer other content as well e.g., entertainment, international news, local and international sports, news from Curacao, Venezuela, Colombia, the Netherlands, and special pages with legal, financial, aviation, and touristic aspects.

Apply now: subscribe for free

Until the end of February, every user has free access to the website and the newspaper daily, from the moment it is published at 6:00 am. For now, visit and fill in every information to subscribe to receive the digital newspaper every morning. Or click here.

In March will start charging for the subscription. You could pay daily, monthly, for six months, or a full year. But first, let us introduce you to the quality of the content for six weeks, and then you may decide to subscribe or not. 

We want to hear from you 

Of course, we would like to hear from our users. Our base surpasses 130 thousand users monthly on our news website, making us the most followed media on Aruba. We are used to maintaining a close relationship with our users, which we hope to continue with “Trempan’. If there is any news you would like to share with us, email us at [email protected], and if you have any criticism or suggestions on how to improve our quality, please let us know at [email protected].

For now, allow me to thank my colleagues for their continuous support and hard work during these last months. Now the hard work has begun, and with the support from our users and commerce, who have always supported us in all our developing projects and news diversification. 

‘Trempan’ is here to stay…with news at the palm of your hands. 

Mark-Benson Denz

Director di Headlines Group