The Netherlands closed for England


The Dutch government decided to close the airspace with the UK immediately for a few days following recommendations from health authorities in the Netherlands out of fear of the new variant of coronavirus detected in Britain.

The Minister of Public Health confirmed that a study done at the beginning of this month revealed the circulation of this new virus in the UK. Health authorities are analyzing this version of coronavirus to see how the infection takes place.

RIVM asked the Government to control passengers’ movement between the UK as much as possible to limit the spread of the virus to the Netherlands. Airspace for passengers with the UK is closed until January 1st.

The ban does not include cargo transportation nor health personnel, and the port in, for example, Rotterdam will remain open. It is still possible to travel by car, train and boat.

Citizens are asked once again not to travel abroad unless it is essential.

According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, Belgium has also banned flights and trips by train to the UK for 24 hours starting at midnight, while scientists analyze this new coronavirus variant.